News and Notes

***  SSRA UPDATE ***

2/24/2023 - Note from the president.

As we move towards efficiency, I wanted to impart some best practices.
The best practice for communication right now is to use the Desert Resort Management provided platform, TOWNSQ. You may access it through the DRM website.
It will allow you to submit architectural requests, communicate, pay your annual dues, and view notices and documents. If you have not already set up an account, please do so at your earliest convenience. We have found it to be very efficient, and easy to use. The access for the website link is below.
As always, if you have any questions, or need help, please reach out through this website, and we will address your needs as soon as possible. Our plan is to phase this out, but we are not sure when, and we will keep it active indefinitely.

On a separate note, we have a new landscaper, who is working on restoring our common areas. If you have any ideas, or concerns, please feel free to reach out. We appreciate everyone’s patience and look forward towards the beautification and restoration of Silver Spur Ranch.
Kelly Stage

Dear Silver Spur Rancher's Association Members,

I would like to clarify an error that was sent out recently stating the membership dues are $216 a month. This was an error and the membership dues remain at $216 per year, due on November 1st. A Payment coupon has been mailed that contains each homeowner's account number. If you need assistance locating your account number, please contact our customer service center at (760) 346-1161 and a customer service rep will be able to assist you.

I apologize for any confusion this has caused. Please reach out to me if you have any questions at sgarland@drminternet.com.

Thank you,
Sandra Garland
Community Association Manager 


Remodeling? Adding On?
Please submit your request for review using this form. As part of its permitting process, the City will first look for approval by your homeowner's association. Be sure to submit your plans first to the Architectural Committee of the Board. You may find the full text of our By-Laws and CC&R's under Documents in the navigation area to your left.
Short-Term Rentals
All previously permitted short-term rentals within R-1 and R-2 zones, which includes all of Silver Spur Ranch, terminated on December 31, 2019. Residents who wish to report a problem with a short-term rental are encouraged to call the City of Palm Desert’s Code Compliance Department during business hours at 760-346-0611 or call the Short-Term Rental Hotline at 760-862-6900 (to report issues after 1 a.m., please call the Palm Desert Police Department at 760-836-3215). 
Thinking About Solar?
Here are some thoughts from the Board.
About Your Mailing Address

Please read to keep your mailing address current.

Heard Around the Ranch

Property Maintenance
Please make sure that you maintain your property appropriately. Let's keep the Ranch looking great!
Residents have asked about solicitors. Our association rules do not address solicitation, but the City of Palm Desert requires a permit for door to door solicitation. (There is an exception for school kids selling items for school fundraisers.) To register a complaint with the city, call 760-346-0611 ext. 477. If necessary, the city can follow up to investigate if solicitors have obtained permits.
Palm Desert Municipal Code
We frequently get questions not addressed in our association documents. Residents might find answers at this link: www.qcode.us/codes/palmdesert.

Eyes and Ears

Common Area Concerns
Contact Us to report damage to the common area property of Silver Spur Ranch. This includes the Silver Spur Trail median, the circle and the "island" on which our covered wagon sits.
Some homeowners have had questions regarding the use of drones in the Ranch. If you believe a drone is impinging on your privacy, we recommend that you contact the Riverside County Sheriff's Department at 760-836-1600 and document the time and location. A picture will also be helpful.
Streets and Other City Property
Our streets are maintained by the City of Palm Desert. To report issues or problems with streets or other public property, please call the Public Works Department of Palm Desert at 760-776-6450.
Trash Bins
It's been noted that a number of homeowners are storing their trash bins in front of their property (in front of a garage or carport).  As a reminder, our CC&R's stipulate that trash bins are required to be stored behind your home or out of view from the street. Let's all keep the Ranch looking great!

Rules of the Road

Private Drive Behind Lower Silver Spur Trail
The access road directly behind the homes on lower Silver Spur Trail is private property, not a city street. This drive is owned by the residents on Silver Spur Trail and is for their use in accessing their backyards and garages. Please respect the privacy of these owners and instruct your friends, workers and visitors to do the same.
One Way Traffic in the Circle
Please observe the counter-clockwise flow of traffic around the Silver Spur Trail circle at all times. Endangering pedestrians and other drivers to shorten your drive by a few seconds is dangerous and in violation of posted One Way signs. 

Silver Spur Ranch History

This article about the history of the development of Silver Spur Ranch recently appeared in the Desert Sun.