About Us

Silver Spur Ranch was part of the early development of Palm Desert beginning in the late 1940's. Through the mid-1950’s and early 1960's, the five Units/Tracts that make up our association today had been identified and developed as separate community associations.
In early 1964, the Silver Spur Ranchers Association (SSRA) was organized for the purpose of promoting and protecting the common interests of property owners in the five Units/Tracts of Silver Spur Ranch. The association's formal incorporation under California law, in 1967, predates that of the City of Palm Desert by more than six years.
Today, the SSRA comprises 234 deeded lots in the records of Riverside County. All streets and public utilities in Silver Spur Ranch belong to and are maintained by the City of Palm Desert. The SSRA does not include community property of the kind typically found in many common interest developments, such as pools, tennis courts or community rooms. However, by agreement with Palm Desert, the association maintains the median strip dividing Silver Spur Trail, the circle separating upper and lower Silver Spur Trail and the main entry off Portola Ave. The association contracts with electrical, landscape and irrigation professionals to keep the median, circle and entry, including our covered wagon, in good repair. Costs for these services, as well as costs for insurance and administrative needs form the basis of the association's annual budget. Silver Spur Ranch homeowners are assessed an annual fee to cover operating costs and maintain necessary reserve funds.
The SSRA is governed by By-Laws and a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R's). The By-Laws were last revised in 1989 and the CC&R'S were last updated in 1996. Due to changes in laws affecting homeowners' associations created by California Senate Bill 323, the By-Laws will be revised in 2020.